Experiences and Activities

Cooking classes, tastings, workshops, truffle hunts, hot-balloon flying, rafting, and many other activities of all sorts: this is what fun means around Gubbio and beyond.

We have selected the best experiences and arranged some interesting discounts for our guests. Explore all the activities and just have fun!

Umbria Tours

Umbria Tours offers wonderful experiences, which you’ll enjoy at a diuscounted price when you stay with us.

The following tours have standard prices that include transfers with a driver;
if you want to use your own car, prices will be lower.

Would you like something different? We’ll arrange alternative tours based tailored on your personal needs and interests, while keeping the prices competitive.
Do not hesitate to ask what you want, we’ll figure out something cheaper and more pleasant for you!

For all the standard tours, our guests will enjoy a 10% discount by using the code “gubbiotours” when booking..

Truffle hunt
Guided tours
Wine tasting
Cooking classes


UmbriaMarche offers interesting and creative experiences
encompassing the typical craft activities of Gubbio and the surrounding area.

Here are some examples: pottery workshops (painting and pure-gold finishing); creating silver jewels with clay and terracotta; cooking classes; truffle hunts.

Have a look at all the activities and choose what inspires you; don’t forget to use the special discount by La Panoramica Gubbio!


Flying over Assisi on a hot-air balloon

With breakfast and wine tasting included.

This is an amazing experience that you rarely get to try; it’s something that you should try at least once in your lifetime!

You can either make a normal day unique or celebrate a special occasion, such as
a high-altitude engagement, a birthday present, a special anniversary, a graduation…
there are millions of reasons why you could enjoy such an incredible experience!

And this is suitable for all ages: either you have 9 or 99 you’ll be deeply touched by such a dreamy flight!

Get in touch with us before booking, as our guests get a special discount:
the experience costs €156 per person instead of €195, including breakfast and wine tasting (children pay €112 instead of €140).


Two-seater handgliding or paragliding


Umbria in Volo and Umbria Sport e Avventura are the partners we chose to help you live a wonderful, unforgettable experience: handgliding or paragliding with an instructor. You can either do it or give it someone else as a very special present!

Such an experience is suitable for everybody: from 7 to 90 years of age, from 30 to 100 kilos. You’ll fly from Monte Cucco, Monte Subasio or even from Gubbio: the Hike & Fly adventure includes a 30-minute trekking on Monte Foce, plus a flight over the Medieval town; you’ll land just next to the Roman Theater.

Visit the official website umbriasportavventura.it and ask for Maurizio Tassinari for further information and bookings.

Our guests will pay only €100 instead of €120, including a full video of the experience.

Rafting Umbria


Looking for an idea combining towns and nature? After Norcia and Castelluccio, you can enjoy some outdoor activities offered by Rafting Umbria.

There are so many things to do! Down here are some activities that are suitable for all ages and for families too.

Our guests will enjoy a 10% discount: just mention you’re staying with us when you book!

Just next to the rafting center is a restaurant where you can enjoy a €15 menu with first course, second course with a side dish, water and house wine.
Or, you can choose the menu that includes schnitzel or hamburger, French fries and drink for €8. A grilled-meat dish is €10.
A picnic area is also available.

The activities start from €10, while a photo shoot on a CD costs €15.

Water activities

Inflatable kayaking

Land activities

Mountain Biking
Adventure park

For further information and bookings, get in touch with Cristina Innocenzi – Phone: 3483511798 – rafting@raftingumbria.it  – www.raftingumbria.it

Power-assisted mountain bike and e-bike rental

Including the helmet and the possibility to pick up and drop off your bike at home.

Information and prices: download the brochure here:

bike flyer


Country Horse La Fattoria -Horse-riding

Both children and adults can approach horse-riding, or go for a trekking on the hills around Gubbio.

You can also get picked up and dropped off at home.

To get more information or to book, ask me or
get in touch with Paolo Pierini – Phone: 333 8268 3900
or 347 33 888 00 



All golf lovers can play their favorite sport in two locations around here: Perugia, 66 kilometers and 50 minutes by car away, or Antognolla, 36 kilometers and 40 minutes by car away. Perugia’s parkland course is a par-72 and has got 18 holes; you can rent your equipment there and enjoy their restaurant and swimming pool. Surrounded by an amazing natural landscape, Antognolla is a 18-hole course and is considered as one of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in Italy.
Have a look at the official websites for further information:
www.antognollagolf.com/it –  https://www.antognollagolf.com/

Monte Cucco: trekking, caves and other activities

43 kms – 45 minutes

Shall you consider Monte Cucco as a day-trip or an activity destination? It’s hard to say, as it is perfect for both categories!

It’s a very beautiful place for a day trip, but it also boasts a wide array of activities of all kinds.

The park is ideal to go hiking or trekking along different pathways and itineraries ( see the “Map of the Pathways in the Park of Monte Cucco and surrounding areas”, Monte Meru edition), canyoning, cycling and mountain biking, horse-riding, Nordic walking with an instructor, hang gliding, paragliding, speleology in the caves; in winter, you can cross-country ski or snowshoeing.

Map of the Pathways

The park and all the activities: Sito del Parco del Monte Cucco
Sito Discover Monte Cucco

The caves and the guided tours: Sito Tramontana Guide
Sito Grotta del Monte Cucco.com

Frasassi Caves (in the Marche, but still close to Gubbio)

60 km – 50 minuti

Among the biggest caves in Europe and the whole world, Frasassi Caves were discovered in 1948 as one of the most fascinanting and magical underground world ever.

The biggest cave is called Abisso Ancona (Ancona Abyss): being 240 meters high, it’s so big it could easily contain the whole Milan Cathedral!

The entire complex of caves is around 30 kilometers long, although not all of it is open to the public. Inside, the temperature is a constant 14 degree, both in summer and winter: get yourself prepared and dress accordingly!

You should book your visit in advance: it lasts 75 minutes and will allow you to explore about one kilometer and a half of the caves.

Big- and medium-sized dogs can be left in dedicated boxes for free, while you can carry small-sized dogs can be carried inside the caves, either in your arms or in a pet carrier.

For further information: www.frasassi.com

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