Bees, new lavender and pure, healthy honey!

Yesterday I checked on my bees, for which I have a certain affection and a lot of respect. I am aware that it is thanks to bees if man can carry out the crops necessary to feed himself and that without bees the survival of our species would be at risk. I am therefore particularly […]


sixty-six millions years ago: a #meteorite the size of a mountain hit the Earth, triggering a series of catastrophic events that annihilate 75% of Life forms. The gigantic non-Avian dinosaurs that had dominated the Mesozoic, real icons of Prehistory such as the Tyrannosaurus and the Triceratops, also disappear forever. … NOW THEY ARE IN GUBBIO […]

The season is officially open!

Gubbio is known for the wealth of cultural events it offers. I am therefore pleased to announce that the funicular and Gubbio Express little train, the Museo Diocesano and Palazzo Ducale are up and running and on next June 26 and 28 there will be two very interesting aperitif-concerts.

Regarding rules, cleanliness and being reassured

let’s be honest, there are subjects that, in presenting a Charming Country House, we wouldn’t want to touch. But let’s also be realistic: it is fundamental to talk about something that is crucial to everyone and that is part of the love and care with which we organize and build our work: our health.This year […]

Homemade Jams from my garden fruit

Very soon, summer will bring us, once again, many ripe, colorful and juicy fruits, perfect to kick off the “famous” jams production (here I would wink at you, if it were possible!) from La Panoramica Gubbio. Last year, preference was given to fig jam and apricot and vanilla jam and also to that of my […]