Regarding rules, cleanliness and being reassured

let’s be honest, there are subjects that, in presenting a Charming Country House, we wouldn’t want to touch. But let’s also be realistic: it is fundamental to talk about something that is crucial to everyone and that is part of the love and care with which we organize and build our work: our health.
This year we need some more caution. It doesn’t change much for us, I’m a little picky, let’s face it and I want in my houses a deep level of cleaning to meet my standards and not to disappoint my guests who must feel completely at ease! So, this year what really changes is the use of products and sanitizers. At each change of guest, we do the “spring cleaning” – as we call deep cleaning in Italy – in compliance to the national official protocols and directives indicated by the Ministry of Health and the authorities in charge. I have purchased specific products and will leave sanitizing gel for guests in the houses.
In Italy – Especially in Umbria – we have now very few Covid cases, last time I checked, a few days ago, there were only 18 in the whole Umbria and none in Gubbio from several weeks now.
You will be still requested, though, to wear masks and sometimes gloves in public areas as supermarkets or museums and to keep at least 1 meter distance from strangers.
The only common space here is the one around the swimming pool. The sun beds will be sanitized every morning and a sanitizing product will still be left for guests.
The sun beds will be arranged in clusters distant from each other, as is our habit in all circumstances, to guarantee our guests to have only their friends or family as “neighbors”.
For those who may like it, we offer to purchase a pillow on their behalf, asking just for the cost of the pillow, the service will be offered by us.
If you wish to see which cleaning products we use, we have shareable product data sheets, and for any doubt, need or detail we will, as usual, be at your disposal.
We try to offer you a peaceful holiday in a peaceful environment, for us this is a guide value!

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