Bees, new lavender and pure, healthy honey!

Yesterday I checked on my bees, for which I have a certain affection and a lot of respect. I am aware that it is thanks to bees if man can carry out the crops necessary to feed himself and that without bees the survival of our species would be at risk.

I am therefore particularly proud to offer them an environment from organic farming, without glyphosates or other harmful chemicals that put their well-being and life at risk. Every time I plant some new flowers or flowering bushes, I imagine how the wolverines will rejoice and what good and precious honey they will produce. This year, after seeing how well those of last year have grown, I have ordered another 40 lavender plants that I will plant in a border not far from the hives. What will my honey taste like in the future?

I can’t wait to taste it because every year my honey is new and different: depending on the various blooms and how the seasons appear, the bees will find different nourishment and will produce different honey, with the only characteristic, however, of being real honey and not counterfeit, as sometimes it happens to buy without knowing it , pure, organic and super healthy. To be enjoyed and kept aside all winter to strengthen the immune system and ready to drink dissolved in hot milk to combat sore throat, as our grandmothers taught us!