Homemade Jams from my garden fruit

Very soon, summer will bring us, once again, many ripe, colorful and juicy fruits, perfect to kick off the “famous” jams production (here I would wink at you, if it were possible!) from La Panoramica Gubbio.

Last year, preference was given to fig jam and apricot and vanilla jam and also to that of my peaches. But after discovering, at the end of summer, a secret place where collecting loads of blackberries, I hope in August to finally be able to find enough to make Blackberry jam too! I have also planted some in my garden, but still not enough!

I must admit that every year I improve a bit and I hope that this year my jams will be even better than last year’s. Will I be able to do enough and have little trats to give to my guests?

Last year I planted about twenty fruit trees, but it will be necessary to wait for them to grow a bit before being able to count on a significant production. The aim is in fact to produce more and more homemade and strictly controlled jams: only fruit from organic cultivation.

I want to be able to dispose of more fruit from my garden, touched only by rain and sun, healthy and pure, without preservatives other than natural ones such as sugar and lemon.

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